Clarkston Capital Partners

Located in Birmingham, Clarkston Capital Partners is an independent investment management firm that calculates risks and returns of investments. With their innovative and successful philosophy they provide clients long-term returns while minimizing risk.

Clarkston Capital Partners was looking to add a sign with their logo to the interior of their lobby. The look and feel of their workplace environment was sophisticated & professional so we wanted to maintain that theme. The location of sign was going on and uneven surface as a portion of the wall came out (in the center) protruded out slightly. This eliminated the dimensional letter option and it was decided to fabricate an acrylic panel with stand-offs to go over top the uneven surface Acrylic comes in a variety standard colors which include white and black, however for this sign we went with a frosted clear Acrylic which kept with the offices sleek look. We applied a premium metallic silver vinyl graphic of the client’s logo to the frosted acrylic and the sign came together beautifully.

Keep an eye out for future projects with custom etched vinyl… it looks gorgeous!

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