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Autoliv, the world’s largest automotive safety supplier, is dedicated to Saving More Lives through its cutting-edge safety solutions. With a global presence in 27 countries and 14 Tech Centers, Autoliv sets the industry standards for mobility safety. At the forefront of automotive safety innovation, Autoliv collaborates with major car manufacturers worldwide, delivering exceptional passive safety systems and mobility safety solutions.

The Auburn Hills, MI Technical Center serves as a crucial hub within Autoliv’s expansive network. As part of the Swedish-based company, Autoliv, Inc., the Auburn Hills Technical Center plays a vital role in the development, research, and engineering efforts of the organization. With over 67,000 passionate associates worldwide, including 5,700 dedicated to research, development, and engineering, Autoliv is committed to continuously redefining mobility safety.

At Autoliv, the belief that no one should experience serious injury or lose their life in a traffic accident drives every decision and action. With an unwavering focus on safety, Autoliv’s talented team of professionals strive to create innovative, high-quality products that meet the safety needs of both current and future mobility horizons.

Working at Autoliv means being part of a global leader in the automotive industry, where an attractive working environment and challenging projects await. Autoliv values professionals, experts, and leaders who are driven to grow and contribute to the company’s ongoing success. Join Autoliv in their mission to revolutionize automotive safety and shape the future of mobility.

Project Overview

Signarama Troy, the largest Signarama in the world, recently completed a notable project for Autoliv, a renowned automotive safety supplier. The collaboration between Signarama Troy and Autoliv was established through a referral from their partner company, Veoneer. Autoliv’s facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan, underwent a building renovation and sought to enhance its visual presence with new signage.

The primary objectives of the project were to install an illuminated channel letter sign on the building and replace the existing square cabinet on a pole along I-75 with a newly designed landscape variation on a lit sign cabinet. Additionally, a new box sign for the existing poles on-site was required. This impressive box sign measured approximately 5.5′ x 11′ and would be positioned at a height of approximately 45 feet above final grade.

By taking into account Autoliv’s branding guidelines and the aesthetic requirements of the facility, Signarama Troy meticulously executed the signage renovation project. The skilled team at Signarama Troy incorporated channel letters and pole signs, leveraging their expertise in producing high-quality, visually striking signage solutions.

The Result

The outcome of the Autoliv signage renovation project by Signarama Troy is a visually captivating and impactful sign that effectively showcases the Autoliv brand to over 200,000 passing vehicles daily. The newly installed illuminated channel letter sign on the building, along with the landscape variation on the lit sign cabinet replacing the square cabinet on the pole, has significantly elevated Autoliv’s visibility and brand recognition.

The new box sign, measuring 5.5′ x 11′, stands tall at a height of 45 feet, ensuring maximum visibility from a distance. This impressive pole sign serves as a prominent landmark, reminding viewers of Autoliv of the Americas as they travel along I-75.

The collaboration between Signarama Troy and Autoliv resulted in a successful project that aligns with Autoliv’s commitment to safety and quality. Signarama Troy’s attention to detail, expertise in channel letters and pole signs, and dedication to delivering exceptional signage solutions have once again demonstrated why they are the largest Signarama in the world.

Overall, the Autoliv signage renovation project stands as a testament to Signarama Troy’s ability to create stunning and impactful signage that effectively communicates a brand’s identity and leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

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