8 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Signs & Reuse Them On Social Media

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Social media is part of nearly everyone’s life. Often, it’s used for personal reasons—like when individuals connect with friends, family, and acquaintances. But it also has tremendous potential for businesses, too. And many businesses have tapped into the power of social media to strengthen their brand, cultivate customer relationships, and more. 

Soaring social media

“In the most recently measured period, 79 percent of U.S. Americans had a social media profile,” according to Statista. So, it’s likely that some (or even many) of your business’s customers & clients have a social media profile. 

Of course, they won’t all be using the same platforms necessarily. But then again, neither will you. But with social media such a popular venue currently, we thought we’d celebrate Social Media Day with you. That’s why we’re offering eight tips to get the most out of your signs and reuse them on social media.

infographic for reusing signs on social media

1 – Begin with the end in mind

Granted, this phrase isn’t our own. But it’s applicable to your sign pursuits. If you know you want to reuse signs or put them to double use, then begin with that idea on the table. This way, you can form all your plans with this multipurpose perspective. Thus, putting designs or graphics to alternative uses will be intentional—not an afterthought. 

2 – Work horizontally

Here we want you to envision tangible marketing/advertising media—the kind you can touch. Imagine all your “signs” spread out on a table, from brochures to yard signs to light boxes to channel letters to billboards. (Okay, we know you can’t spread a billboard out on a table, but bear with the image for a moment). 

Think of all these marketing and branding materials as being on the same playing field. However, the key point is that you can share graphics among these signs. For instance, the graphics that appear on your billboard can be refashioned for use (in a smaller form) as a countertop lightbox. 

Vehicle advertisement logo wrap

Additionally, the visuals you’re using for the front of your trifold brochure may be tweaked and put to use for a vehicle wrap. They could even be used in cyberspace, though that’s a little less tangible. Graphics on physical signage could become website headers or social media cover photos. (Note that we still count this as a horizontal use of your sign—sharing it among all your different types of “signs.” However, it’s not the same as using your sign graphics “vertically” which we’re just about to dive into). 

3 – Use dates cautiously

Dates on a sign can be useful, letting viewers know when they can expect an event. But they can also give the sign an expiration date, so to speak. If you want your signs to be usable as long as possible, consider creating a long-term sign that can have short-term add-ons as needed. 

Then, when you have an upcoming event, you can supplement your sign with a plaque, magnet, sticker, banner, etc. with the date. Once, the event date has passed the initial sign is still useful—simply remove the add-on. Basically, this gives your sign a longer shelf life.

4 – Work vertically

Here we’re talking about taking already developed and finalized signs and using them again on a different media. For instance, once you have some amazing new vehicle wraps, it’s time to take photos and put them on social media. Obviously, your vehicle visuals are reaching customers on the highway. This way, they’ll also be reaching customers on their computers and cell phones—popping up before consumer’s eyes wherever they happen to be.

Instagram page on mobile phone

So, that’s what we mean by vertically. Instead of a tangible sign product that’s sharing graphics with other sign products, you have a derivative marketing tool. A photo of the product. If you already have social media accounts up and running, that’s a major place where this content can be featured. Alternatively, if you’re not active on social media, it may be time to dive into a social media platform that’s right for your company.

5 – Take stellar photos

When it comes to derivative marketing tools, make them good ones! Honestly, why post a picture of your sign that’s less than flattering? If you have a great sign, then it deserves a great photo. 

For those who have no photography experience (and no desire to acquire any), consider working with a professional. Or, if a professional is out of budget, find an amateur or student looking to build their portfolio. 

6 – Go for good lighting

Keep in mind that lighting has a tremendous impact on a photo. Some photos will need an abundance of bright, natural light. Others might need much less light (like a neon sign displayed at night). Time of day can also be important for photos. 

7 – Use photos that will integrate well with the rest of your content 

The aesthetic you’re shooting for could differ depending on the social media platform you’re posting on. If this means you need to take more than one photo, do so. For instance, your Instagram account may cultivate a fresh, light appearance, precluding nighttime photos. Whatever you do, ensure that your photos fit cohesively with the rest of your content.

A collection of photos of pineapples

8 – Be open with your designer

Maybe your sign company is also doing the design. If so, let them know you’re planning to get extra use out of your sign graphics. That way, they can help you mastermind the looks for maximum impact. 

Grow your sign smarts

Get ready to take your sign’s utility to a new level—making it do double duty for your business. But before you use your signs two (or more) ways, be sure you start the sign on a solid foundation. Take a look at 6 Elements You Must Include On Your Sign | Tips On Layout & Design. Or read Tips And Tricks To Creating The Most Effective Signs For Marketing.

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