How You Can Use Pylon Signs Successfully + Pros & Cons

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Pylon signs are a very common sign option. And they might just be the winner when it comes to signs with a unique name. Some people call them pole signs. But why would you, when you can call them by their own intriguing moniker? They’re immensely popular, as a simple drive around a city will tell you. So, let’s talk about how you can tap into their potential for your business, then we’ll dive into some pros and cons. 

Match your sign with what you do

First up, select a pylon sign that makes sense for your particular company. A sign with a visible pole may be appropriate for a pit stop. But if you’re looking to cultivate a sleek, professional image for your brand, you might head a different direction. For a professional company or medical complex, your sign poles might not be visible. You may even choose a sign that’s supported by side brick columns. 

Be safe

Safety is a part of success. Not only do you want to actually be safe, but you also want to appear safe. Which means an ancient, rusty pylon sign that looks like a danger to society doesn’t do you any favors. It may be structurally sound, but if it looks like it’s about to topple over, it’s not helping your company image. 

Be tidy & professional

Don’t leave spent light bulbs languishing in your illuminated signs. Maintain signs well and replace as needed. After all, if you want people to know your company is the best choice, let your sign reflect that!

Go for good graphics

Shoot for amazing graphics so your pylon signs will really shine. Naturally, a top-quality structure will look even better when it stars great visuals. 

Lit M sign

Watch what everyone else does

Observe carefully what the norm is for your area. You’ll notice some spots are full of pylon signs. And if that’s the case, you’re probably in the clear to follow suit. Just give thoughtful consideration before installing pylon signs in an area where it will be the only one of its kind—it might appear out of place (even an eyesore). 

Cons of pylon signs

Even though it may seem backward, we’re going to start with the cons of pylon signs before we get to the pros. After all, why not save the best for last?


As you’ll notice below, we’re counting pylon signs’ height as both a pro and a con. This illustrates well the point that good signage is signage that fits its placement location appropriately. The height of a pylon sign could be a negative if it looks obtrusive against the area’s backdrop. 


Obviously, pylon signs require a lot of material. Plus, they’ll require knowledgeable designers and installers. Any time you create a tall structure like this, you need to engineer and build it for safety and stability. (Because a sign that puts passersby at risk would be the very definition of a bad sign.) 

All of this could mean you have a higher bill for a pylon sign than for some other, smaller types of signage. However, it may be well worth it. 


When you choose illuminated signs, you elect to be visible to customers round the clock. Generally, that’s a great thing. Customers will always be able to find you, even on the darkest of nights. However, there is a drawback to this otherwise positive situation. 

Your illumination won’t be foolproof. And if one light goes out and the others continue to shine, the result is a sign with a completely new message. Depending on your sign’s letters, this could transform the sign into simply a visibly broken one displaying a nonsense word. Or it could actually create a humorous new word. In which case it might not be all bad—after all, making customers laugh is often a good thing. 

Nevertheless, when the lights do go out (or anything else occurs for that matter), your repair efforts could be a little more difficult than with a shorter sign.

Pros of pylon signs

As sign professionals, of course, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Naturally, we like to extol the virtues of signage. So, it’s time to talk pros of pylon signs

team working on a pylon sign
Working on a seven-story pylon sign


Is your company surrounded by businesses, signs, roads, trees, & shrubs causing you to worry that your signage will be lost in the busyness? Well, worry no more! There’s a sign specially-designed to rise into the sky, elevating your message for all to see. 


If you’re a shopping center, a pylon sign is good news for you. After all, how will you list all the attractions your space offers unless you have significant space to do so? When you have a lot to say, a pylon shopping center sign can offer the sign real estate you need to say it. 


When your sign brings both height and space to the table, how could you not be visible? That’s why pylon signs might help if you’re looking to unexpectedly catch the attention of people who didn’t set out to find you.


In certain areas, you might find pylon signs are the sign of choice for quite a few businesses. For instance, shopping malls and gas stations near the highway. And while it isn’t always a wise idea to do what everybody else is doing, when it comes to pylon signs it could be. Shoppers may be used to finding their way around by identifying these tall signs. Going with the flow could help them out. 

Pylon signs speak up

Pylon signs are a great option for businesses to be seen. And if you’re about to have one installed for your shopping center, definitely head to How To Create The Perfect Shopping Center Sign To Draw In The Crowds to help you plan a good one. Additionally, as you display your name prominently, check out The Importance Of Brand Awareness To The Success Of Your Business

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