How to Prepare Your Trade Show Event Signage

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It’s that time of the year when everyone is making resolutions and trying to find out ways they can be better. These resolutions can be on a personal level or a company level. One of the things I’ve heard others say is that they plan on attending a trade show or two this year in the Detroit area. That statement brings me to my question for you:

Do you have your trade show event signage ready?

With more people planning on attending trade shows, this year you should prepare early and start signing up. These can be great opportunities to place you in front of your niche market.

After signing up, you need a way to stand out. The last time I was at a trade show as an exhibitor, we were told our booth had the “it” factor. What a compliment! If you can stand out above your competitors, you will have already made the first impression (and a good one at that!) and can move on to building that relationship.

Some of the products we at Signarama have include table throws and popup banner stands. Our popup trade show banners are the most popular with our customers. They are lightweight, stand out well at 7 feet tall, and are easy to move around as they retract and include a carrying case. They are also extremely durable.

But, when it comes to having that “it” factor, we have learned that our portable display walls can really make an impression. We provide both straight and curved variations, and they literally can transform your booth. While everyone else will have the same backdrop provided at the event, you will have something completely branded for your company. I can already see the line of future customers forming at your booth now!

When it comes to trade show event signage, don’t wait until the last minute! It always seems to be an afterthought, so this year, prepare a resolution to get your signage ahead of time! Contact Signarama today to get signed up. Our experience in this area will definitely help you stand out.

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