Evolving Spaces: A Glimpse into the Office Renovation Journey at Signarama Troy and National Branding

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Approximately two years have passed since Signarama Troy and National Branding made their move to the new premises on New King Court in Troy. This strategic relocation has reshaped the workspace dynamics, notably for Signarama, which now houses the graphic design team, digital printing and electric manufacturing staff. This transition sets the stage for the industry’s most seasoned and attentive sales/customer service professionals, award-winning graphic designers, sign manufacturing experts, and diligent sign installation teams to flourish within an upgraded work environment.

In a recent discussion with Marissa Ciavone, the lead graphic designer at Signarama Troy, the enthusiasm surrounding the office renovation project was palpable. “Being part of this transformative process has been truly inspiring,” she shared. “We aimed to not only enhance our workspace but also showcase our commitment to innovation and client satisfaction.”

The revamped office boasts an open layout conducive to collaboration, a significant improvement from its previous configuration. Marissa emphasized how the new flow has enhanced both the employee experience and customer interactions. “The seamless design allows clients to navigate effortlessly through the space, while key areas, like our team workspace highlighted by a prominent sign on the wall, serve as focal points,” she explained.

When discussing standout features, Marissa highlighted the innovative elements incorporated into the renovation plans. “We’re excited about the upcoming installation of illuminated settings and floor graphics featuring our logo,” she revealed. “These additions will not only provide a visually striking ambiance but also offer customizable and seasonally adaptable designs.”
Bob Chapa, CEO/President of Signarama Troy, expressed his excitement for the completed remodel, stating, ” The 18,000 square foot remodel of our Signarama Showroom, Team Offices and Design Studio are complete and finally bring my vision of our Signarama location to reality! I’m really looking forward to this next evolution for our business!

Matt Godwin, COO/CFO, emphasized the renovation’s role in boosting productivity and efficiency. ” The new layout enhances our operational workflow through sales and design and creates an inviting environment for our employees and our customers each and every day!” he noted.

Torey Stade, Director of Project Management at National Branding, reflected on the collaborative effort to bring the renovation project to fruition. “Our team’s dedication to realizing our clients’ visions is evident in every aspect of the renovated space,” she affirmed.

The renovation journey at Signarama Troy and National Branding signifies more than just physical transformation; it embodies a commitment to innovation, productivity, and client satisfaction. As these companies embrace the next phase of their evolution, the renovated offices stand as a testament to their dedication to excellence.

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