The Secrets Behind These 4 Genius Marketing Campaigns

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Everyone wants to market well. But exactly how do you make that happen? Simply wanting to connect your clients, customers, and community with the products and services you offer isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need to take action. Learning from the genius marketing campaigns of other companies is one way to get your wheels turning for your own company. 

Gather insights from 4 genius marketing campaigns

To get you inspired, let’s check out 4 genius marketing campaigns from companies you may just recognize. And we’ll also add our own analysis, offering things you can glean from what they’ve already done.

1 – AT&T’s “It’s Not Complicated” ad campaign

First up in genius marketing campaigns—AT&T’s “It’s Not Complicated” ads. It’s hard not to love these focus groups of kids with their savvy perspectives on life in general. Add the group leader—the only adult in the group—and his deadpan moderating and you have marketing material that viewers will enjoy consuming even if they don’t need AT&T’s services at all.    

What did they do that you can try too?

Reflect on what AT&T did here. They boiled down their key offerings—faster speeds, bigger networks, etc.—and presented the choice as basic. Actually, it’s so basic even a kid can understand it. Plus, they added value by providing hilarious entertainment. That can bolster their company image because they’re giving out “good stuff” to anyone who wants to watch. And no one has to make any purchases to view the entertaining videos.

2 – Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign

Friends drinking Coca Cola

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign may have tapped into some of the drives behind people’s behaviors. We want to feel connected to others. If Coca-Cola can convince people that their drink helps you build bonds with the people you love, then that’s a great motivation to buy a Coke. 

[Plus, by personalizing the Coke bottles with names, they’ve ensured that customers will spend a little extra time surveying their product in the store. It’ll take more time to find your own or your friends’ names than it would to simply grab a 6-pack of Coca-Cola. Smart!] 

What did they do that you can try too?

How you can do this: hit people where they live. How does your product or service help people do better at the things that matter to them? Show clients or customers how what you offer will connect them to others. For instance, if you’re a phone company and you offer a plan with a special international calling deal, you could highlight how your plan will connect callers with people they love who live in other countries. 

3 – Direct TV’s “The Settlers” ad campaign

Similar to AT&T’s simplification of the choices facing consumers of their services, Direct TV’s “The Settlers” ads also boil down buyers’ choices. Do you want to get the best or do you want to settle for less? 

There may be some subliminal persuasion techniques going on here, too. Who would want to think of himself as someone with a backward or retrograded lifestyle? That’s just what Direct TV is insinuating you are if you stay with cable instead of their own service. 

What did they do that you can try too?

Cut to the chase—does your service offer consumers a more modern experience? Then say so. Afraid they won’t get the idea? Try offering an overblown (and humorous) depiction of just how modern your offering is compared to the other options. Note: this is not just for more “modern” experiences, it could be for whatever you offer whether that’s better speed, greater variety, better taste, faster response time, etc.

4 – Geico’s 15 minutes, 15% catchphrase

Geico insurance
GEICO by The Redbook via Yahoo

The common Geico refrain that 15 minutes could save buyers 15% or more is memorable, as many of us can attest from personal experience. Make a promise, reiterate the promise, deliver on the promise. If you say something often enough, maybe it’ll stick. We can view Geico’s catchphrase as clever branding, too. If Geico continues to use that memorable phrase to remind you how much you can save (and how fast), then you might just begin to view them as a leader in the low-cost insurance business. 

What did they do that you can try too?

Make it clear. And repeat it. If you have good numbers, use them. If your average time handling a customer service call is 4.5 minutes, then say so. If your stellar project management techniques are going to complete client projects ahead of schedule in 85% of cases, let potential clients know!

Note that this only works if you have good data—and only if you have data available at all. Tracking key metrics for your company or nonprofit not only assists effective management but can also provide useful statistics to share.

Identify what you’re good at (and where it matches your customers’ needs), then let people know. And repeat it—like Geico does. Obviously, don’t make yourself a jerk by doing this the wrong way. But if you do something extremely well, consider how you can best say it and make it stick with consumers.

Marketing you can see and touch

Notice that not all these genius marketing campaigns involved marketing materials you could hold in your hand (though Coca-Cola’s certainly did). Sometimes the things that assist your marketing strategy are less tangible—like your catchy tagline or your social media posts. But other elements are definitely tangible, like the signage that you use to let people know where you’re located or to advertise a special event or item.

If you’re looking for inspiration as you plan some of the tangible parts of your marketing strategy, like signs, check out The Small Business Owner’s Guide To Creating Your Own Unique Signage. And, to see what others have done, head to 3 Of The Most Creative Signs & Banners In And Around Detroit.

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