Designated Parking Problems? How Custom Parking Signs Can Help!

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Certain things are only useful if they’re available when you need them. And designated parking spaces are an example of just such a time-sensitive item. Parking spaces reserved for certain people at certain times are important parts of the parking experience. They offer convenience, speed, and accessibility for motorists.

But, the problem is, designated parking isn’t always observed. Some drivers may use a space regardless of whether they should technically park there. And when that happens, the space is blocked from being available for its intended user. After all, you can’t very well move an empty, parked car—unless you have the resources to tow it. And tracking down the owner is a hassle that doesn’t work well with your already busy schedule. 

Custom parking signs

That’s why you need custom parking signs! Let’s face it, sometimes it’s actually difficult to see what’s painted on the ground in front of your vehicle. And once you’ve accelerated and pulled the car forward, your vehicle is covering up the graphic. So now it’s actually impossible to see it.

If you’ve ever sat in the driver’s seat scouring the area for signage to help you figure out where you’re supposed to go or whether you’re allowed to stay, you know what we mean. If the only direction is on the ground beneath you, that’s not much help if you missed the visual cue just before you drove over it. 

Custom parking signs make it easy for drivers to see which spaces are free for the taking and which aren’t. And they don’t require drivers to back up or bend down to look underneath their parked cars for the do’s and don’ts of your parking area

Signs for accessible parking

Some of your patrons, customers, or clients may have special needs that call for accessible parking. Whether these are due to age, pregnancy, or permanent or temporary disability, you certainly want to accommodate. 

Simply providing the accessible parking spaces is not enough. You also have to mark them. And you have to mark them clearly so that whenever your clients and customers need them, they’re available. This is when custom parking signs can be a perfect solution. 

Accessible parking signs

Depending on how your parking area is situated, you may want to purchase custom parking signs that will anchor to the wall of a building. Or you might need signs that will stand on posts of their own. A quick look at your parking area may help you decide, but it’s a good idea to ask your sign specialist for input. They may be able to offer constructive advice based on their knowledge of accessible parking rules and regulations that apply to you. 

Signs for private parking

In areas with mixed zoning or simply with many businesses located close together, you might need to stake your claim on the parking areas that belong to you. It’s easy to envision this scenario because you’ve likely seen these signs yourself before. A bank might use them to proclaim “Parking for [Name of Company] Only.” Or a restaurant might offer the following admonition, “Patron Parking Only.”

Signs for reserved parking

Sometimes your custom parking signs will need to let outsiders know that they can’t use particular spaces. However, they can also let your own employees know which parking spaces are for whom. 

For instance, a university might designate a particular spot as, “Reserved for Dean of School of Business” or “Reserved for Provost.” Some companies or organizations may even use reserved parking as a reward for employee performance. As an example, the employee of the month could receive the privilege of parking in a coveted spot for a certain period of time. 

Create your custom parking sign

Your custom parking sign should be tailored to your location, of course. But you might also choose to create a sign that reflects something of your company brand. One way to do this is to include your logo.

Open spaces in parking lot

But that’s not all you can do. Work with your sign specialist to create something that uniquely reflects your company. For instance, if you’re a lighthearted, upbeat sort of business, injecting a note of humor into your custom parking signage might be a perfect idea. 

More signs on the outside

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