Sign Making Equipment

At our Metro Detroit Signarama location, we are very proud to have worked hard to grow our business while constantly reinvesting in the best sign making equipment the sign industry has available.

We have been in business long enough to remember when signs were hand painted, and the largest vinyl rolls were 12.5″ wide! That was many years ago, and many sign equipment upgrades later for us!

So what type of sign equipment have we upgraded for our Signarama location?

    Roland 54 Inch Eco Solvent Digital Printer

    • This digital sign printer by Roland was our first major investment in full color printing
    • Our Roland digital sign printer was the first machine that allows us to print signs and graphics in full color and then it actually cuts out the perimeter of the graphics as well.
    • We use this printer for all of our banners and vehicle wrap prints

    PPG Matthews Paint Mixing Station & Automotive Paint Booth

    • In the sign industry, the finishing touches are often what matter the most! After weeks of hand crafting a gorgeous metal sign we know how important the paint finish is
    • Many years ago, we invested in the Matthews Paint Mixing Station to provide the absolute highest level of paint quality available in the sign industry
    • We are able to mix any color of paint under the sun, in house… at any time!

    Gerber Sabre 408 Router Table

    • One piece of sign equipment that really improved our capabilities in house is our CNC router table by Gerber
    • With our router table we are able to produce custom 3D letters, carved signs and very detailed stencils
    • One of the most common uses for our Gerber Sabre 408 Router table is to produce our electric channel letters and custom sign cabinet faces with incredibly precise cutting for gorgeous letters and logos that light up at night.
    • At our Signarama location, our clients often want custom shaped signs as well… and our router table makes that happen! From custom standups to fancy shaped wall signs

    Accu-Bend Automated Channel Letter Bender

    • We were the first sign company in Michigan to invest in the Accu-Bend Automated Channel Letter Bender
    • We are very proud to be the first franchised sign company in the whole Country to purchase an Automated Channel Letter Machine
    • Our largest investment to date, this machine accelerated our entrance into the electric channel letter market
    • By automating the manufacturing process to produce channel letters we now have a level of quality unmatched in Metro Detroit
    • We are now able to produce channel letters in a couple days, rather than six weeks like our competitors

    HP FB500 Scitex Flatbed Printer

    • Our latest sign equipment addition, the HP FB500 Flatbed Printer is absolutely the biggest sign equipment upgrade we have invested in to date
    • The HP FB500 flatbed digital printer allows us to print directly to any substrate, eliminating the need for the waste and cost of vinyl graphics
    • We can now print photographic quality prints for high end museums and photographers, or quick repetitive single color signs for yard signs and POP displays
    • By eliminating the extra waste, cost and labor of cut or printed vinyl graphics we are able to reduce our standard production times down to 1-2 days! What an awesome difference!

    Fleet of Installation Trucks, Vans and Sign Cranes

    • As we have grown and our customers across Metro Detroit have become used to our quick customer service and installation we have added additional trucks, vans and even a sign crane to our installation capabilities
    • We can reach over 45′ with our sign crane, for efficient installations of channel letters, sign faces and even temporary banners
    • Our sign delivery trucks are servicing clients across Metro Detroit on a daily basis, allowing fast site surveys and sign deliveries
    • Our sign crane allows us to perform our installations and parking lot lighting changes quickly and very cost effective

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