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Illuminated sign cabinets are one of the most popular types of lit signs for businesses. They are either single or double sided and can be mounted in several different ways. The most commonly fabricated illuminated sign cabinets are rectangles. There is always the option of having it made into any custom shape or size.

A business may choose to mount the illuminated sign cabinet to the side of a building, on a pole, multiple poles or even ground mounted. The base of an illuminated sign cabinet can be made from brick, a metal skirt or other custom materials.

One of the benefits of an illuminated sign cabinet is the faces can be interchanged. For instance, a landlord such as Vito Anthony Homes in Rochester Hills, Michigan, may use an illuminated ground sign cabinet for a multi tenant building. This provides Vito Anthony Homes with the option to replace a sign panel in case a tenant moves or needs to be evicted. This option is a cost savings for the landlord and gives them a chance to keep their sign looking fresh and up to date with current tenants. The example below shows an illuminated ground sign cabinet for a newer office building. It was custom sign designed and constructed by Signarama Troy. As you can see the landlord has openings available for new tenants to add their name or business name. This will let them utilize this sign for years to come without the expense of redoing the entire illuminated sign cabinet.

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