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When the Salvation Army needs your help, You help right?

It just so happens that one very cold day last November The Salvation Army needed more than just donations… They needed an awesome sign to help promote and track their donation progress. So who did the Salvation Army turn to when they needed a sign solution fast to help them fill that giant red kettle they have down at Campus Martius Park in Downtown Detroit? You guessed it, your friends over at Signarama Troy. Sure I bet there are other sign companies that might be willing to donate a sign, but only Signarama Troy was willing to produce (AND DONATE!) a sign 3 times bigger than the Salvation Army asked for! The folks with the red kettle knew there was only one sign company they could trust with this important project to get it done and get it done right with an outstanding design.

But it doesn’t just look good… it functions as well as it looks. To see our sign in action, click: Salvation Army Thermometer Donation Sign. The big 8′ x 8′ MDO (wood) sign was printed on our large format printer and then laminated with our special dry erase laminate designed to let them update the numbers on the fly.

So how did The Salvation Army do last holiday season you ask? They raised more than $8.2 million during its Red Kettle Campaign in Metro Detroit. The record total surpassed the goal by nearly $11,000 thanks to donations from people all across the area. Great job Metro Detroit! We proved that even amidst a tightened economy, we can make a difference when we volunteer, donate and commit to helping one another. But we are not done yet, we are quickly approaching the holidays again so please help out and donate as much as you can to the Salvation Army every little bit counts.

Please click here to Donate to the Salvation Army.

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