Teijin is a worldwide technology group with an expertise in the field of fiber products as well as the IT industry. The Japanese based company expanded their carbon fiber composite business in April of 2012 with a location in Auburn Hills, MI.

Teijin’s facility in Auburn Hills had frontage facing a major thoroughfare as well as expose from the I-75 freeway. In both locations there were existing ground sign cabinets from where the previous tenant had signage. These illuminated sign cabinets have Lexan sign panels that can be changed out without having to replace the entire aluminum framework of the sign. In the sign industry we call this a “Face Change”.

When your existing sign cabinet is in usable condition doing a face change is a most cost effective solution. Not only that but if your particular city your are opening your business in does not require a permit for changing the Lexan panel out you will have you new sign up in about a weeks time.

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