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About pHYT Med Spa      

pHYT Med Spa empowers individuals in Rochester, Michigan to achieve lasting weight loss success. Through in-depth consultations, they craft personalized plans that consider your unique history, motivations, and strengths.

pHYT Med Spa offers a variety of solutions, including cutting-edge options like compounded semaglutide, to help you manage cravings, suppress appetite, and overcome weight loss challenges. Their focus is on long-term health, equipping you with the tools and knowledge for a sustainable transformation.

Located conveniently on Main Street, pHYT Med Spa makes achieving your weight loss goals accessible and supportive. Schedule a consultation today and start sculpting a brighter, healthier you.

Project Overview Signarama Troy and pHYT Med Spa

Signarama Troy had the privilege of partnering with pHYT Med Spa, a new business in downtown Rochester, to brand their new space and enhance their visibility in the community. The project involved the installation of various signage elements, both interior and exterior, to create a cohesive and eye-catching brand identity.

Signage Installed:

  1. Interior/Exterior Vinyl Graphics: Utilized to convey branding elements and enhance visibility both inside and outside the spa.
  2. Interior Lit Logo Sign: A dynamic and attention-grabbing element placed inside the spa to showcase the brand logo.
  3. Dimensional Sign: 3/8” thick painted acrylic dimensional letters were used to create a sleek and professional branding element behind the reception area.

Challenges and Solutions:

The tenant had limited options for exterior visibility, but Signarama Troy found innovative solutions to overcome this challenge. Door graphics were installed at both the front and rear entrances to maximize exposure. Additionally, graphics were applied to the existing rear awnings and upper elevation windows to further enhance visibility from different vantage points.


Thanks to Signarama Troy’s expertise and creativity, pHYT Med Spa now boasts a distinctive and eye-catching brand presence in downtown Rochester. The combination of interior and exterior signage elements effectively communicates the spa’s brand identity and attracts the attention of passersby.

The interior-lit logo sign and dimensional letters add a touch of sophistication to the reception area, leaving a lasting impression on clients and visitors. Overall, the project has successfully branded the new space and positioned pHYT Med Spa as a standout establishment in the community.


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