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About Michigan Orthopedic Rehabilitation    

Michigan Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (MOR) proudly opened its doors in Troy, Michigan at the corner of Square Lake and Livernois in February 2024. Founded by Dr. Timothy Wiater in 2012 in Birmingham, Michigan, MOR has built a reputation for exceptional patient care and evidence-based rehabilitation services.

A Commitment to Comprehensive Care:

The Troy location offers a comprehensive range of services to address a variety of orthopaedic needs, including:

  • Orthopaedic Physical & Occupational Therapy
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation
  • Massage Therapy
  • Sports Medicine
  • Hand Therapy
Experienced Therapists, Personalized Approach:

MOR’s team of highly-skilled and licensed physical and occupational therapists are dedicated to providing a patient-oriented approach to care. Utilizing the latest evidence-based treatment techniques, they create personalized rehabilitation plans to help patients achieve their optimal health and return to their desired activities.

Building a Stronger Community:

MOR’s mission is to provide exceptional physical and occupational therapy services to the Troy community and surrounding areas. Their compassionate and professional environment fosters a positive healing experience for each patient.

Project Overview: Signarama Troy Enhances Visibility for Michigan Orthopaedic Rehabilitation’s New Location

Signarama Troy partnered with Michigan Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (MOR) to create a high-impact signage solution for their new location in Troy, Michigan. Located at the busy intersection of Livernois and Square Lake, maximizing visibility for the new rehabilitation center was paramount.

  • New Business, Prime Location: MOR was establishing itself in a new location and needed signage that would effectively attract attention and establish brand recognition.
  • High-Traffic Intersection: The corner of Livernois and Square Lake experiences significant daily traffic, requiring signage that could be easily seen by passing vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Previously Occupied Building: The new location was formerly a bank, and the signage needed to seamlessly integrate with the renovated building facade.
  • Double-Sided Ground Sign: Signarama Troy fabricated a prominent, double-sided ground sign featuring internally illuminated sign cabinets. This strategic placement ensured exceptional visibility from both directions on the major roadways.
  • Illuminated Wall Sign: An additional internally illuminated wall sign was installed on the building facade, further enhancing brand recognition and complementing the ground sign.
  • Cohesive Design: The signage was designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing building aesthetics, creating a professional and inviting appearance for the new rehabilitation center.
Results: Increased Brand Awareness and Patient Acquisition

Signarama Troy’s strategic signage solution has delivered significant benefits for Michigan Orthopaedic Rehabilitation:

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: The combination of the illuminated ground sign and wall sign guarantees that MOR’s brand is prominently displayed, attracting the attention of potential patients at the high-traffic intersection.
  • Improved Patient Acquisition: The eye-catching signage effectively directs patients to the new location, potentially leading to increased patient traffic and business growth.
  • Professional Image: The high-quality, illuminated signs project a professional and trustworthy image for Michigan Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, fostering confidence in potential patients.

By creating a comprehensive and strategically placed signage solution, Signarama Troy has empowered Michigan Orthopaedic Rehabilitation to make a lasting impression and thrive in their new location.

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