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Vehicle Wraps are a great way to make your company stand out from the crowd. They have a dramatic effect in changing your image and the look of your vehicle in a matter of hours. Vehicle Wraps offer instant results and gratification and can really change the look and feel of your business.

Michigan Fertilizing came into Signarama Troy with a problem. They had just bought a used Ford f-250 dump truck and it did not match the image they wanted to portray when they pulled up to the customers job sites. They did not want to simply put their logo and DOT numbers on the truck like so many other companies, they wanted to freshen up the whole look of the truck itself and stand out from their competition. So the sign pros at Signarama Troy told them that a custom vehicle wrap was the only way to go. The Signarama Troy team makes the wrap process very easy by sitting down with our designer on the spot and working up a eye catching professional design with the owner of Michigan Fertilizing right there to help collaborate on the look, Rather then going back and forth with email proofs like some other shops we take the time to immerse the customer in the whole design experience. The certified wrap installers at Signarama Troy only use the best of the best materials from 3m when it comes to our clients, So don’t be fooled by some sign shop using cheap material its just not worth the investment when it peels, cracks, bubbles up and most important wont come off cleanly when its time to change your style or sell your vehicle or turn in the lease. That is why Signarama Troy only uses 3M products because they stand behind their product with warranties against all of the above. The customer from Michigan Fertilizing could not believe this was the same truck when they picked it up and about a month after it was wrapped they were astounded the number of phone calls they got just because they saw the wrapped truck.

So if you want your business to stand out from the crowd or just want want to customize your vehicle, But don’t know where to start look no further then Signarama Troy our experts will help you through the whole process.

Please check out their website http://www.michiganfertilizing.com/

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