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Don’t get tangled up buying a banner stand for your event. Check out these spider feet! Yes I said spider feet, they are a new product a Signarama Troy. The feet come in many sizes and are designed to hold up a variety of rigid materials. They offer many unique possibilities as a alternative for traditional banner stands. Now that we can print directly to any sign material on our new HP fb500 printer and route it into any custom shape you would like with our Gerber Router table. The feet are a great addition to that by allowing us to make any printed sign stand up.

That is exactly what our customer from Lufthansa German Airlines was looking for. They needed durable signs to put through out the airport to direct there customers where to go. Lufthansa German Airlines has bought many pop up banner stands from us in the past years but they have had some problems with them getting knocked over by customers and breaking. So they needed a signage solution that would not only look good and direct their clients, but also would be far more durable and stand up to the constant customer traffic they have in the airport. The signs were routed out of alumicore which is an aluminum hybrid material that consists of two sheets of aluminum with a corrugated piece of plastic bonded in the middle which makes it a very strong sign material. Then they were custom digitally printed with the HP fb500 and the spider feet were bolted on to make a awesome sign that will last for many years.

If you need a custom free standing sign for your business or event… come talk to the sales crew at Signarama Troy.

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