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Recently at Signarama Troy we took on a project for a local organization connected with the Detroit Tigers! An A-Frame Sign and banners were on the tally sheet this inning. Score Ministries, hosts an annual event at Comerica Park called “Home Plate Detroit.” Jeff Totten, Baseball Chapel Leader for the Tigers, came to us with a challenge we were excited to help with. He asked us to redesign, print and deliver two large banners for the event in less thank a week. We gladly took on his test and provided him with great results in a timely manner.

We initially spoke to Jeff about producing just the banners, but as he stepped into our Signarama Troy showroom, he saw all of the solutions we are able provide our customers. This experience showed him first hand there was more signage he could utilize to improve his event. He decided to move forward with purchasing an A-Frame Sign to use as directional support leading to a sign-in table for the event. The large format banners, in addition, were featured directly on the field for the morning presentation prior to the Detroit Tigers vs. Atlanta Braves game.

An A-Frame Sign can be an inexpensive yet very effective means of communication with multiple uses, therefore a great value for your hard earned money! One of the great things about them is you have the option to change out the faces and use them multiple times throughout the year for different occasions. The team at Signarama Troy will customize each design to fit the application you choose to use the A-Frame Sign for! From indoor to outdoor use you are sure to find a way to utilize your sign for years to come!

Here are five useful applications for A-Frame Signs:

  1. Announce a Sale or Special
  2. Provide Directional Support
  3. Highlight a Service
  4. Informative
  5. Event Notification

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