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When looking for a solution to label your car for your business, many people are concerned about their personal vehicle always being the “company car”. Vehicle magnetics allow you to be the company car during the week and your personal car on the weekends! We produce hundreds of magnetics every year for dozens different types of companies. We can start from scratch or with a logo to custom design them, they can also come in one color or full color depending on the look that you are trying to portray. Most companies buy them in pairs to put on both sides of the vehicle but you can also get one of the back of the vehicle, so when you are stopped in a parking lot or light you can getting the most advertising for your buck. We offer the magnetics in two different sizes a 12″ by 18″ which fits perfectly for any car or smaller vehicle and the other size is 12″ by 24″ which will fit any truck or van.

So stop in today and see our samples to help you decide on what solution would work best for you.

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