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Clawson Historical Museum came to the experts Signarama Troy to get a classy routed sign that will last for years to come. Clawson Historical Museum is located in downtown Clawson across from the Clawson Police station.

The Signarama Troy staff suggested the sign be routed out of HDU and painted with Matthews sign paint. What is HDU you ask?

“HDU” is short for High Density Urethane foam. Unlike other foam with which you may have experience, it consists of much more solid and much less air. Using urethane as a base means that it is impervious to all petroleum-based solvents. Even in it’s “raw” state, it is completely waterproof and unaffected by climatic changes. Years ago, enterprising chemists saw the need for a durable, predictable material for use in routed 3d signs. They saw many problems with wood and sought to create a superior replacement. They discovered urethane foam, and then worked to refine and improve it. Today, HDU (high density urethane foam) is manufactured to precise standards expressly for the sign industry.

The sign was built in house at our Troy facility by 3d routing and carving the sign out on our computerized router table, the Gerber saber 408. Next, it was taken into our paint booth and sprayed with several coats of the ivory color. Then, we carefully hand painted the green background. As soon as the paint was dry, Signarama Troy was out to install the brand new routed sign that is sure to last for years to come.

So, if you are looking for a Custom Routed sign… Look no further, Signarama Troy’s expert staff will be happy to help.

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