Why You Should Have a Custom Lobby Sign

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According to research, 87% of customers who have a good first impression of a business will tell others about it. Since you want customers to tell as many people as possible about your business, create a great first impression by installing an impactful custom lobby sign.

Let’s look at some of the key reasons to get a custom lobby sign in Troy, MI, today.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

A lobby sign is one of the first things customers notice as soon as they walk into your building. If your lobby sign makes the right impact, customers will remember it long after leaving your building.

That makes your lobby sign the perfect opportunity to engrave your brand logo in the memory of everyone that walks into your office. The best way to accomplish this is with a custom sign that makes your brand instantly memorable and recognizable. An instantly recognizable brand leads to greater brand awareness, which will give you a marked advantage over your competitors.

Why You Should Have a Custom Lobby Sign

  1. Consistency

If your business has several branches, customers must be able to tell that each branch represents the same company. By installing the same custom lobby sign in Troy, MI as there is in all your branches, customers will feel a sense of familiarity as soon as they step into the lobby. The consistency of your signage will also ensure the optimal visibility and promotion of your brand in every office location.

  1. Create Distinction

Different companies can have similar furniture, carpet, and décor in the lobby. But one thing that should never be similar is the lobby sign.

A custom lobby sign in Troy, MI will be unlike anything any other company has, which ensures your business stands out from the rest. It’s especially important to have a distinctive lobby sign when sharing office space with other companies. That way, customers will know which office is yours as soon as they spot your sign.

Why You Should Have a Custom Lobby Sign

  1. Inspire Employees

A bold and elegant custom lobby sign can inspire pride in employees and increase their workplace engagement. The more positive employees are about coming to work, the more productive they will be.

  1. Effectively Represent Your Brand

Unlike a regular sign, a customized option can carry any detail you want. For example, you could add your logo, motto, awards, and more to promote your brand and company’s image.

Why You Should Have a Custom Lobby Sign

Features a Quality Custom Lobby Sign in Troy, MI Must Have

A quality custom sign will make an instant connection with your customers. For such results, add the following features:

  • Customize the sign to match your brand. Do this by adding details customers associate with your brand, such as your colors, motto, or logo.
  • Use the right colors. For example, a restaurant can use vibrant colors to create excitement while an accountancy firm can use muted colors to convey a sense of professionalism.
  • Use the right materials. Metal is a durable, expensive, and classy option. Acrylic is an affordable but attractive option for most businesses.
  • Make it big and bold. The sign must be bold enough to read at a glance, but not so big customers have to crane their necks to read it.

Are you ready for a custom lobby sign in Troy, MI, that meets these requirements? Contact Signarama Troy today to discuss design options.

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