Why is a deposit required?

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On occasion our customers ask, “Why do I have to give a deposit?  Can’t I just pay you when it’s done?”  We provide our customers with payment terms of 50/COD.  In other words, we require a 50% deposit and the balance paid at completion.  This policy is much like what you would expect with any construction type project.

The purpose of the deposit is three-fold.

First, when our customer accepts our proposal on a sign project, they are in essence, “contracting” Signarama to fabricate a sign.  With every contract, the law requires ‘consideration’, or money, to make the agreement binding and seal the deal.   This practice is designed to protect both the customer and Signarama.

Second, Signarama commits valuable financial resources to our customer projects by purchasing material, labor, and often city permits in advance that are specific to our customer’s custom project.

Third, we ask our customers to show the same commitment to their project by providing a deposit to share in these initial start-up fabrication costs.

Since our products are generally custom manufactured, reusing material from a cancelled job is typically not a viable option.

We appreciate our customer’s commitment to their projects.  Signarama is fully committed and excited to present our customers custom project at completion.

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