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Effective tradeshow banners in “The City of Tomorrow… Today,” can successfully launch your brand, create curiosity from wholesale and retail buyers alike, and give you the right media exposure. They must command the eyes of tradeshow goers and give them a small push to visit your booth and try out your wares. Banners are the main platform where you can get your brand message out and communicate where you are positioned in relation to your competitors.

Setting up a trade booth in the expos of Troy, MI, can entail thousands of dollars in expenses. You will be among many colorful displays and setups from your competitors, small businesses, and national brands alike. Here are some things we learned from experience in creating effective tradeshow banners that can help inform your banner printing in Troy, MI.

1. Find a Good Place to Prominently Display Your Banners

Perhaps the most important thing to consider at tradeshows is where your booth and banners are going to be placed. See if you can work out a deal with the people organizing the event to get yourself a premier placement because this will ultimately decide the number of people who are going to see your material. 

2. Know Your Audience

Is your audience primarily young adults, middle-aged people, or seniors? What are they looking for in a brand? Is your tone going to be professional, playful, or sincere?

These are some of the questions you have to answer before hiring a signage company for banner printing in Troy, MI. Troy was named Michigan’s Sportstown by Sports Illustrated and is home to many automotive and financial companies. Those may be good places to start.

3. Come Up with a Design that Clearly Portrays Your Brand

Once you’ve decided on your tone, message, and target audience, you have to come up with a visual design that’s going to communicate your brand. Tradeshows are the visual equivalent of cold calling for clients, and you have to introduce yourself effectively to complete strangers in a glance. A great design will emphasize your business’ identity and holistically complement the products that you’re selling.

Little details such as color choices on a banner, the pictures of your products and models, and whether your banner is lit or a simple tarpaulin, can be deciding factors for customers looking to visit your booth. Use before and after photos if you’re marketing a diet supplement or you’re a remodeling company and include positive quotes if you’ve ever been featured in a publication.

4. Your Banner is Your Calling Card

More than a decorative piece, your banner’s primary purpose is for customers to read and connect to your brand. So here are few tips to make that happen:

  • Use solid, contrasting colors.
  • Keep the banner from looking too busy.
  • Include your phone number, website, and social media information.

To make your banners shine at a tradeshow, professional help is essential. Choose a company specializing in banner printing in Troy, MI that knows how to make your banners pop in a sea of booths. If you’re ready to begin, look to Signarama in Troy, MI for your banner and tradeshow booth needs.

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