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When Lauren Sherwood walked into Signarama Troy, we knew right away how important her project was about to be. Lauren needed a large scale seating chart for her wedding that was only three days away. Little did she know that our dedicated team was willing to do whatever it took to cap off the final tweaks of her already beautifully planned wedding. With an elegant predesigned crest displayed proudly in the center of the chart, we were able to achieve exactly what she was looking for in a timely manner. We were thrilled to watch Lauren’s face light up as she viewed the finished product placed inside her white frame.

This project was a definite first for me, being the new graphic designer at Signarama. I’ve been designing many different signs from golf outings to large scale channel letters, but never a wedding seating chart board! We love the way customers are continually presenting us with new and exciting projects each and every day. Even if you aren’t sure exactly what the look your going for is, we are always here to help.

According to weddinglovely.com, here are a few tips to consider when putting together your wedding seating chart:

  • You don’t HAVE to put cliques together. Putting different groups together is a great way for your guests to meet one another and branch out. They’ll only be seated for the meal, so don’t think of it as segregating them from your other friends/family. They can meet up on the dance floor!
  • Speaking of the dance floor. Sit those people next to it who are likely to actually get up and dance! As soon as the music turns up, they’ll be the first out of their chairs. Or, you could look even at it the opposite way and put people least likely to dance by the dance floor in hopes of getting them out there!
  • Spread out the socialites! If you have any friends that can talk to a brick wall, put them at separate tables to help be a conversation starter. This is huge and will help any tables from feeling a bit awkward and will keep table conversation lively!
  • Put children together. If you have kids at your reception, consider pairing the families up for dinner. Maybe they can share crayons, and the parents can share stories. If you have room, you could also do a children’s table with parents nearby.
  • Make sure your vendors have a seat! They’ve all been working hard and deserve a place to sit down and enjoy a bite to eat. Well fed vendors will be eager to please you!

Come to Signarama Troy and allow us to produce your beautiful seating chart for an affordable cost and make all of your wedding dreams come true.

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