What Sign Type is Better Indoors? A Rigid Sign or a Banner?

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Close your eyes. Actually, keep them open because I can’t physically read this to you so you need to see. Imagine you are walking into a business, but you aren’t quite sure which business you are at. You glance around the walls and see no signage. As you look around, you notice the place seems familiar; in fact, it’s your business, but no customer can easily see how you can help them. It must be because you are wondering what sign type is better indoors.

When determining what sign type is better indoors, we will tell you 9 times out of 10 that a rigid sign is the way to go. The reasons for this are simple. The first is that while the rigid sign is slightly more expensive than a banner, it will last much longer. By utilizing the power of our flatbed printer, we are able to create a scratch resistant sign that will not fray or bow like a banner. Also, because most of the rigid signs we create are on Dibond (a material consisting of a plastic core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum), it is on one of the most durable substrates available on the market today.

As always though, you need to analyze your situation. If your marketing plan and company personality will do better with a banner, then by all means use the banner. Another reason to use a banner would be cost. As I previously mentioned, there is a slight cost difference, but the durability of the rigid sign will more than make up for it, but sometimes, that’s still out of the budget. If you are looking for a temporary sign, we do offer other rigid solutions as well that are lower in price, but it will all be based on your preference, so you may still want a banner.

The final, and most obvious, reason to go with a banner over a rigid sign is portability. You can always roll (never fold) a banner up and move it from one place to another. Sure, you can still move a rigid sign, but the ease of portability is not there.

So, the next time you are wondering what sign type is better indoors, come on over to our Signarama Troy, MI sign headquarters. We will be happy to walk you through our showroom and discuss the perfect sign solution for you and your business.

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