Does color matter on my sign design?

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Color means a lot to people. Colors evoke emotions, and can help reference objects, companies or even people. Colors also help make things stand out, whether that be in a good way or a bad way. So, when it comes to choosing a sign color, it really can be a big decision.

The help you understand, consider the following situation: You are told to look at a list of 1000 numbers and point out all of the 5’s, it will take some time. Now, if someone highlights each number, but makes sure to highlight all of the 5’s the same color, you will be able to easily pick out what you need.

Notice how I said same color. When you are looking for a sign, you need to make sure the color matches your brand. People are already associating your company with your logo colors. If you choose a sign color that is different from your brand’s colors, you could be creating a disconnect in your customers’ minds.

Now, if you are just beginning your brand, then you are not limited to your brand colors, but this is the time to make a conscious decision as to what those colors will be.Another very important detail when selecting a sign color is contrast. If you have strong contrast between your type and it background (or your channel letters and the wall color), then it will drastically improve your signs effectiveness.

A great example is a black sign with big, bold, bright yellow letters. A not so great example is red on black, as a white stroke will need to be added to the red. Will it work? Yes, but it won’t be the most effective solution.

Your sign isn’t the only one to look at though when comparing contrast, as your neighbors can have an effect as well. When I drive down a road in Madison Heights, I notice a stretch where there are three signs on a small building that all use black and yellow as their contrast colors. Unfortunately, this combination causes all three to blend into each other. If any of those companies would use a secondary company color, it would really help them stand out.

To summarize real quick, when looking for a sign color, the two main areas of focus are matching your brand’s colors, while keeping a strong contrast. If you do this, we guarantee you will have effective colors. Visit our Troy sign showroom to get started on your sign!

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