What Is A Monument Sign? And How To Use Them Effectively

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A sign is a very common method to let people know where your business is. While business signs vary in appearance and location, many businesses do indeed use them. If you’re faced with the task of selecting a sign for your company, you know there are plenty of options. And your search could have you wondering, What is a monument sign?

What is a monument sign?

Like any sign, a monument sign exists to get a message across. Monument signs are usually mounted on and close to the ground. Likely, you’ve seen a lot of them before. But you may not have known them by that name.

The common signs you see at the edge of a dentist or doctor’s office lawn—those are monument signs. Additionally, you’ll see monument signs marking shopping centers, churches, apartment complexes, restaurants, and banks.

A sign for every kind of company

Unsurprisingly, just like they can mark many different kinds of locations, they can do it in many different ways. Their shapes & sizes vary—as do the appearances they create.

A monument sign outside a professional building might be made of stone or wood (or at least look like it). But not all monument signs will look so upscale. In fact, some LED signs with messages that change from time to time could also be monument signs. Even the popular changeable copy signs with messages spelled out letter by letter could be constructed in monument sign form.

So many signs

In addition to the question, what is a monument sign? there’s also this question. How can you use monument signs? Well, there are about as many ways to use monument signs as there are different types of companies needing signage. If you’re a company, organization, or even a branch of government, a monument sign may be right for you.

Witzenmann Troy Monument Sign

All sorts of entities can announce their presence in the neighborhood with monument signs (if they have the proper space). An office complex with multiple businesses in it could use multi-tenant monument signs. And they may even elect to put suite numbers for each company on the sign. That way, clients will know they’ve reached the right complex and can then navigate by the suite numbers.

As we mentioned earlier, changeable copy signs can take their place as monument signs. Thus, you might find them at the edge of a local school’s grounds. Here, they could announce when summer break begins. Then, at another time, they can present the school’s word of the week or promote a reading program.

Using monument signs

Of course, to use a monument sign, you’ll need ground space. First, you definitely want to be sure you’re in the clear as far as local sign ordinances are concerned. Check on this by reaching out to your sign specialist or to your local officials. Once you do this, you can begin crafting a sign that reaches your clients well.

Plus, if your sign is in a lawn, note it will probably look better if the lawn around it is well maintained. And some good landscaping might work in your favor, too.

Choose wisely where your monument sign will be located. Likely, you’ll want it visible from the road. And you’ll probably want the vital text to be large enough for your clients to see even if they’re driving. Additionally, ensure your monument sign is the right height and note that nearby trees or shrubs won’t obscure it.

Your sign says more than the words

Next, try to match the appearance of the sign with the impression you want viewers to have of your business. Let’s say you’re a wealth management company. As such you want to be perceived as a trustworthy source for high-income clients. Thus, be sure you craft a sign that radiates this. Go for something respectable.

Likewise, if you’re an up-and-coming tech company, you may shoot for a different look than a local historical society would. While the historical society might choose a sign flanked by red brick columns, you may not. In fact, you might lean more toward an asymmetrical metallic monument sign. You may feel its sleek minimalism reflects your commitment to using modern technological solutions to simplify your client’s processes.

Select a sign & let it speak up

Once you’re armed with information to answer your question What is a monument sign? your job isn’t over. Now, you can work on identifying what type of monument sign would work the best for your needs. In fact, you may even want to run the question by a good sign company in your area. And if you’re looking for help designing your sign, check out 6 Elements You Must Include On Your Sign | Tips On Layout & Design.

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