What are Metal Standoffs?

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You may have had the opportunity to have a great sign company out to your location for a site survey of your office for a  new lobby sign or any other interior office sign you are looking to install.  The sign expert that did the survey may have mentioned that metal standoffs would be a great way to hang your new lobby sign. You agreed with them because you didn’t want to sound like you didn’t know whats going on and now your frantically searching the internet for “What are metal stand-offs” to make sure you didn’t just agree to putting large metal objects in your newly remodeled space.  Don’t fear Signarama TROY is here!  We can lead you to know everything that there is to know about those little metal standoffs.

So you have no idea what a metal stand-off is and that new lobby sign is just looking to be installed.. Here at Signarama we have used many different things to make any lobby sign hang on a wall properly. Metal Standoffs are the most commonly used interior sign solution and they look amazing!  The standoffs are usually a round post that allows your new acrylic, PVC or Dibond lobby sign to hang off the wall about 3″. They are mounted in all 4 corners for a secure fit to the wall.  They do not take away from the company name on the sign and add another great design element to any room.

Like many things standoffs can come in many different sizes and heights, depending on how much you want your sign to hang off the wall. They can hang very close to wall or few inches away. They also come in a multiple different colors from silver to black.

So stop in to Signarama TROY and allow us to help design a great lobby sign with metal standoffs and lets get a great lobby sign in your office today.

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