Important Vehicle Wrap Design Tip: Less is More

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At Signarama Troy, we specialize in Detroit vehicle wrap design. Whether we are working on a small area of vehicle graphics or a full-vehicle wrap, we always want to give you the best.

Most of the time, the vehicle wrap design looks and performs great, but other times we run into unavoidable circumstances where the design isn’t as effective as what it could be. I would like to point out a very important tip to help increase the effectiveness of your vehicle wrap design.

Less is More

This is an old adage, but it still applies to today. I know I probably say “less is more” to customers multiple times a day, and they always agree, but it is highly important when working with vehicle wraps and graphics.

Picture this. You are driving down I-75 when you see a great looking vehicle wrap that you pass by. They have their logo, phone number, website and a list of 10 bullet points of the services they offer. You had 5, maybe 10 seconds to see this vehicle.

Do you actually remember who the company was? If so do you remember at least the phone number or website? I can guarantee you can’t remember all 10 bullet points unless you are already familiar with the company. If you are already familiar, did you really need to see those bullet points?

Vehicle wraps are a moving billboard. Your customers have only a limited amount of time to take everything in, so make sure they focus on what is most important to you. You want then to contact you. Make sure your name and phone number is visible. Websites are ok, but it’s best to place them on the back only. If you insist listing services, keep it at a minimum, because they really aren’t necessary.

When you have a vehicle wrap design, has a purpose to do more than just look good. It’s purpose is to increase your business. Come visit our Troy showroom and view our vehicle wrap portfolio. We will be happy to help you get the vehicle wrap that not only looks good, but works well.

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