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Back to School today! Our entire fabrication team is locked away all day today for continued education classes to recertify our UL Listed Sign status. This 14 hour training course is prepared by UL Laboratories and we are proud to be a fully licensed UL Listed Sign Company in Detroit.

You CANNOT recertify your staff unless they receive 100% on the test of each section!

It took years of growth for our sign company in Metro Detroit, but eventually we began to produce electrical signs inhouse rather than outsourcing them. By properly bringing the fabrication inhouse and obtaining our UL Listed certification you can be confident we uphold the highest level of standards for electrical manufacturing and that our shop is randomly inspected (without notice) a minimum of 4 times per year by a UL Inspector and we must uphold a 100% satisfaction for testing.

If you are looking for a reputable, dependable AND licensed electrical sign company in Detroit… give us a call today!


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