The Amazing Possibilities of Digital Signage by Signarama Detroit

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Digital signage certainly gets attention. Movement draws the eye. The sights, sounds, and even interactive features of the display can deliver messages and evoke excited feelings. High quality LED and LCD monitors showcase crystal clear pictures like never before. The Digital Signage experts at Signarama have taken great pride in staying ahead of the curve with this new technology. Because digital signage can be quickly and easily updated, the display can be made new, fresh, and exciting on a regular basis without even being on site. If your business is in Metro Detroit or beyond, Signarama offers you the ability to change the menu items for your business or the welcome greeting in your lobby from any location with an internet connection.

Visually captivating displays can evoke feelings of interest in your customer more effectively than simple text. Often a brand is selling an image or lifestyle. Bring those images directly to your customers throughout Michigan by streaming movies or footage of a beach or nightclub for example.

Advances in outdoor digital displays make them more durable than ever as well. Fully sealed flat panel TVs differ from the older designs in that there are no vents or filters for outside contaminants to get in and create problems for long-term usage. Temperature controls are also more sensitive and capable at keeping the unit in an ideal range in all weather conditions (Wooten, 50). We have all noticed the incredible outdoor full color billboards installed along I-75 in Auburn Hills and Downtown Detroit… imagine what they could do for your business!

Touch-screens are another great way to involve your customer with your Detroit brand. Put info, photos, trivia, and even ordering at their fingertips in a high-tech, yet simple and inviting way. For those looking for something a little more unique than a flat panel TV other options are available such as thin and flexible LED sheets that display pictures and video and can be rolled up or folded for easy storage and transportation. This makes them ideal for stand-out tradeshows displays at Cobo Arena, The Palace of Auburn Hills or the Novi Expo Center.

As your customers become more technology savvy with the changing times, your business should follow suit. The omnipresence of social networking today means customers are sharing thoughts and opinions in a digital public format on a regular basis. Bringing a piece of this into your business in the form of Interactive signage gives your customers the chance to express themselves in a multitude of ways. From selecting the music in a retail store to watching their search results appear on screen via cell phone communication, your customer can truly connect with your business and message. The cutting-edge possibilities are practically endless. Signarama Metro Detroit loves to integrate technology into our sign solutions.

If you’re looking for big results fast, digital signage allows you to customize and alter your displays as often as needed in a truly unique way. An image and communications upgrade is just a few clicks away with this amazing technology. Just remember, from drive-through menus in Madison Heights to auto dealership lobby displays in the Troy Motor Mall the digital sign team at Signarama is here to help you!

Wooten, Jeff, ed. “Digital Signage Roundup.” Sign Builder Illustrated Sept 2010. 49-55.

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