Personal Recommendation from JJ Prendamano to Bob Chapa

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I have a particular dilemma about my friend and entrepreneur Bob Chapa.    Of the 1,400 plus franchisees in our company group, Bob has got to be in the top ten and I say this with all validity.    His recent exploits in honoring us as “Franchisee of the Year” and “Mentor of the Year” is just a drop in the bucket compared to the many accomplishments he and his prodigious staff have done over the years.

Bob is an aggressive entrepreneur who has achieved the remarkable task of opening and managing three separate locations in the Detroit are while continuing to maintain a healthy and prosperous family life – not easy to do.    He does not deviate from his family responsibilities and ensures that  always  the last part of the day is devoted to his wife and children – he says that’s the best part of his day and I believe him.

Personally Bob not only has been an inspiration to me as the General Manager but his untiring efforts and dedication he has as a Mentor to so many other franchisees says volumes about Bob’s character and the fondness he has for others.    And his untiring effort and superb leadership skills he invests into his Sign A Rama business is envied by many of his fellow workers.  I take pleasure in recommending Bob for any responsible position he may be offered knowing full well he and his staff are able to take on the challenges placed before them.


JJ Prendamano
General Manager
United Franchise Group

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