Signarama Troy supports the Yellow Ribbon Fund!

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Signarama Troy supports the Yellow Ribbon Fund!

In 2005, the father of an injured Marine introduced some local businessmen to staff members at the busiest military hospitals in Washington, DC. That very day, as they were learning which needs were not being meet, they had a chance to help a stressed-out mother.

She was far from home after rushing to be by the side of her son, who’d been wounded and medevacked out of the combat zone. She had nowhere to stay, so they made a reservation for her at a nearby hotel and paid for it. Then they found out that the hotel shuttle wasn’t available at the odd hours when she needed to get to and from the hospital. So they got her a rental car and paid for that, too. Having seen the need firsthand, those businessmen joined with others to launch the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Founded to serve the injured coming back from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, YRF also recognized the importance of keeping the family together during the critical recuperation phase. The first programs provided free hotel rooms and apartments for visiting family members, free rental cars, and free cab rides to just about anywhere in the Washington, DC, area. They’re still among YRF’s most popular services.

The Yellow Ribbon Fund provides:

  • Free hotel stays, rental cars, and cab rides for visiting family members.
  • Free apartments to keep families together during months or years of outpatient treatment.
  • Family caregiver support — we’re one of the only service organizations to offer childcare and family-oriented activities, plus stress-relieving massages, spa visits, dinners out, and more.
  • Social events and outings to cultural and sporting events that build confidence and offer relief from the grueling rigors of recovery.
  • Innovative mentoring that helps injured service members build new lives through education and career guidance.
  • Ongoing support after injured service members leave the hospital and return home, to ensure no one falls through the gaps.
  • Pro bono legal services when injured service members need an advocate to stand up for them.

Becky Hill from Signarama Troy supports the Yellow Ribbon Fund each year by helping the local chapter of the organization with signage needs for their annual golf fundraiser! This year she and Bianca Iacopelli had the pleasure of joining the soldiers and volunteers for dinner at Great Oaks Country Club in Rochester, MI.



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