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Graphic Designer

Who are we?

Signarama is proud to be Metro Detroit’s most energetic, passionate AND experienced sign company! While we have the equipment and team to produce rush signs of all kinds in under 10 minutes, our real specialty is our full service branding expertise; helping many local and national companies develop their “look and feel”. We then produce any type of sign you can dream up completely in house, and proudly made in Detroit.

Signarama design, builds and installs electric channel letters, monument signs, cabinets, wall signs, vehicle wraps, wall murals, routed signs and much more!

Who are you?

  • You are everything that makes a good designer cool. You are quirky. You are a perfectionist. You are constantly looking for that type of job that fills your mind with ideas.
  • You deserve the title “Metro Detroit’s Best Graphic Designer”
  • You value the impact you can have on a team of people, and take great pride in putting in your share of work to see big things happen.
  • You have proficient… no…. EXCELLENT computer skills (email, documents, preparing presentations)
  • You are a people person… no really, you actually LIKE talking to people… we know this is not normal for Graphic Designers, but it is a MUST for our workplace.
  • You enjoy a work environment that is fast paced, fun every day… and filled with over-the-top personalities that are ecstatic to make their clients happy.
  • You are looking for a place where you don’t feel limited, where you can come up with weird ideas and get the approval to test them out.
  • You like to dress professionally, but are proud of your mohawk (we would be too).

What does the Graphic Designer position do at your Metro Detroit Signarama?

We are known for two things around here. First is our never-ending desire to make our customers happy. Second is our award winning, business altering, cityscape changing sign project. The graphic designer is one of the most important parts of our success! We need talented graphic designers to keep our workload ahead of schedule and ensure top of the line quality sign projects for our customers. You are the creative part of our equation.

Based on your experience, the position is paid hourly. Knowledge of the sign industry is not required at all, but experience with Adobe Creative Suite is a must. We need someone who has actual work experience with these software programs, and not someone who has watched a few online tutorials. No offense to those of you looking to improve your skills… but we need an Illustrator Warrior!

Signarama provides graphics and signage of all kinds directly to local businesses (large and small) and often for churches, schools and other industries. The truth is, we like that our industry is a bit mysterious… that is part of our success! To be very honest, we are REALLY BUSY. Our customers deserve the best, and we recognize that we need an additional team player to help us get back to them promptly and efficiently. Are you that person?

We are looking for someone with the following skills:

  • Excellent design software skills (Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Photoshop and Illustrator)
  • The ability to actually listen to what customers say they want (even though you will strive to show them why your ideas rock even more)
  • Fanatic customer service skills, we support our families by keeping our customers smiling… and yes we even need our graphic designers to act this way.
  • Time management is a must. We will be counting on you every day.
  • Promptness with your schedule. Arriving late would throw us all off….
  • You must thrive in a team environment. We are picky… and we are all wacky…. but we work extraordinarily well together.

Please visit our Employment Opportunities page to send in your resume right away!

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