How Your Business Can Take Advantage Of The Different Sign Types

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All businesses can benefit from using signs of one type or another. This is true whether you are running a restaurant or an accounting firm.

You can use them to advertise your business or to convey information to your customers.

This is all good and well. But you might be asking yourself, how exactly can you truly take advantage of these products for your own company? Each venture has its individual unique requirements, don’t they?

Never fear! We’ve got your back. Just read this article for our guide to how different businesses can best use a variety of sign types. We’ll cover the following businesses, but keep in mind that the suggestions here can be adapted to suit your particular product or service.

  • Bakery
  • Retailer
  • Law firm
  • Non-profit organization

Bakery signage

Your main goal will probably be to promote your range of lovely baked goods. To do this, you have to attract potential customers to your storefront.

Let’s look at how you can use sign types to do this.

A-frame sidewalk signs

Most bakeries depend on foot traffic. That’s why you will probably want to put up some signs where it will be able to reach the most pedestrians.

This is where A-frame sidewalk signs come in. Place it right outside your storefront or on the pathways leading up to it. They will be most useful here, and you can easily keep an eye on them.

Always ask yourself what makes your business unique? In the case of a bakery, it is your freshly baked goods.

So show it off. These signs are the perfect place to let your customers know about your new products or remind them of your specialty. If this is your plan, you will probably need to change it often. Therefore, using a frame with blackboard surfaces or ones with slots that you can change will be ideal.

Additionally, you can write or print the words, “OPEN” in large font on the sign to invite people in.

Window graphics

Humans are such visual creatures. Chances are that long before they can smell the sweet fragrances of your baked goods, they will see your store.

You can use window graphics to make your store more appealing from the outside. Think of them as another form of advertisement for your business. In addition, window graphics can be used to present important information, like your trading hours, attractively and stylishly.

A pro tip for any bakery owner is to never entirely cover the windows. You want people to be drawn in by the beautiful pastries inside.

In fact, your window graphics should help you frame your products. Use them with your goods to tell a story to your customers.


Not all your signs will be centered around your storefront. Banners are some of these. While you can use them on location, you can also place them throughout the surrounding area. As a baker, most of your customers will probably live in the neighborhood.

Banners are a super cheap way to get more exposure for your bakery.

You can hang them on poles, posts, and buildings or use free standing ones.

Consider putting the directions to your business on banners. They’ll help you persuade the locals to visit your bakery and help them get there too!

LED message centers

Another way to let people know you are open and ready for business is with LED signs. These are a great way to stand out from the competition.

You will even find that the traditional LED “Open” sign holds some nostalgic appeal. They remind us of classic diners and cafes.

However, you can also use these signs to present additional facts to your customers. For instance, set it to play messages about how to place orders if a customer shows up after closing time.

Retail store

There is a wide variety of retailers with endless numbers of products on sale. But in the end, every retailer’s main goal is to draw in customers and convince them to buy your products.

Signage can be some of the best tools to achieve this.

A-frame sidewalk signs

One of the signs that can give you the most value for money is A-frame sidewalk signs.

You can place them in front of your store or in the shopping center and pathways around it. This way, you can attract pedestrians by promoting your store and whatever you are selling.

One of the best ways to improve the profits of any retailer is through sales and discounts. But first, you have to let people know about the specials. You can print these on A-frame boards.

These signs can also be a great way to advertise any new products and to indicate when your store is open.

Window graphics

Most stores have huge windows on their front. This is prime real estate for advertising.

Window graphics can be crucial in helping you persuade customers to come in. It can be challenging to make a store stand out from those around it. But bright and colorful window graphics can be one of the best ways to accomplish this.

An expert tip is to make sure that the decals conform to your branding. You want your customers to be able to recognize your brand from a distance.

As with the other sign types you can boast about your sales with window graphics. We just recommend buying a product that is easy to remove as you will need to switch them out frequently.


Another essential signage product for retail stores is banners. You can place them throughout the surrounding area and on location.

One of the best ways to use banners is to buy free-standing ones to place in your store’s parking lot. With these, you can let customers know about your current sales and discounts. Be sure to make them bright so they catch potential customers’ attention.

LED message centers

As with a bakery, lighted signs can tell your customers whether you are open or closed. And if you are open 24 hours, be sure to show off that fact in bright lights.

Consider instaling a more expensive screen which can project graphics in a variety of colors and shapes. Digital signs like this can be a fantastic way to advertise your store and the range of products that you offer.

Law firm

Professionals who offer services like legal advice can benefit just as much as others from signage. However, the design on their products should be quite distinct.

A-frame sidewalk signs

Like the other businesses mentioned, law firms can find sidewalk signs helpful.

Yes, you probably won’t get most of your business from walk-in customers. But it is still an excellent way to gain exposure. A-frame signs can increase the chances that people will remember your business when they find themselves in troubled water.

On top of this, if you place it in front of your offices, it can help customers find your firm when they are looking for you.

The most important thing to include on these signs would be your contact details. And it can be helpful to print a list of the services you provide.

Windows graphics

Window graphics can be vital for conveying information to your law firm’s potential clients. Use them to supply your contact details so that clients can make use of your services.

Keep in mind that window graphics often play a crucial role in creating a good impression with your audience.

Unlike with retail stores or even a bakery, you don’t want the graphics to be eye-catching by making them bright. Instead, they should look understated and professional.

Potential customers want to feel that they can trust you and that you take your business seriously.


If you are looking for a way to get more exposure for your firm, why not consider banners?

Place them where they can be seen by as many passersby as possible whether they are in cars or on foot. You want to increase the chance that someone in help of legal advice will see it.

Again, you want to focus on making the design look professional. Instead of trying to make it interesting, keep it simple and clear.

You should design the banner so that your firm’s name and details stand out.

If you want to make sure your brand fits the bill, read more on branding for law firms.

LED message centers

Even law firms can benefit from LED signs and boards. Similar to retailers, you can use them for critical information like your hours and contact details.

In addition to this, it may be helpful to play a reel of your list of services on the screen. This can run day and night so that your customers will always be able to see how you can help them.

Non-profit organization

Signs aren’t only useful for increasing profits. In fact, they can be fantastic resources for NPO’s like schools, charities, and foundations.

A-frame sidewalk signs

There are a variety of critical uses for sidewalk signs at non-profit organizations. Importantly, the way you use it depends significantly on the type of venture.

Similarly to other businesses, you can use them to advertise your organization. It can help you to get more exposure to passersby.

Perhaps even more common will be to utilize sidewalk signs to convey information. For example, organizations like schools with vast grounds can print directions on them. You can also print instructions on how people can get involved in your venture on these boards.

These are all long term uses. However, sidewalk signs can be fantastic as temporary signage to advertise events like fundraisers for your NPO. They are cheap, mobile, and quick to manufacture.

Windows graphics

Window graphics won’t necessarily be appropriate for all types of non-profit organizations. But they can work brilliantly for ones with campaign offices in retail parks or something similar.

Design these decals to give your audience information about your venture. At the same time, use them to influence their impression of your cause. For example, if you’re organization focuses on raising funds for people in need, make the graphics persuasive by using emotional appeals.

It may be appropriate to get window signs which cover the whole window. As opposed to a bakery, you might want to prevent people from seeing into your organization from the outside.


For the most part, NPO’s host more events than any other type of organization. Banners can be one of the best signage products for these.

Because banners are inexpensive, you can use them to advertise your event affordably.

In addition to this, banners also serve other practical purposes. They can provide directions for participants or present a timetable for the day of the event.

Besides this, banners are a great long-term solution for promoting your NPO. Similar to other businesses, you need to include key information, like the name of your NPO. And it’s probably even more important in your situation to place contact details on the banner.

LED message centers

Non-profit organizations are indeed where LED signs get the chance to shine. No pun intended.

No matter the type of venture, LED signs can become a vital tool to convey important information. The ease with which you can change the board’s message makes them extremely versatile.

You can use it to display your name, hours, and contact details. Additionally, these signs are the ideal way to tell people about upcoming, one-time events or even regular ones, like classes and workshops. You can play all of these messages in a continuous loop.

Intermittently, you can provide updates on any fundraisers or campaigns that you are currently running.

If you want to, you can mount the LED board on its own. However, they are often more effective when combined with other types of signs, like monument signs.

Success with sign types

As you can see, businesses can find unique and tailor-made purposes for the different sign types. The key is to be creative. Ask yourself what the main goal for your venture is and how you can shape signage products to help you achieve this.

Choosing the right type of sign for your business is essential. But so is good design. Great layout and graphics will help your organization truly stand out. Make sure you know the crucial elements that you must include on your sign.

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