Sign Industry, meet the future! Introducing our new HP Scitex FB500 Flatbed Printer.

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We have taken a giant leap into the future of the sign industry! We are now printing on our new HP Scitex FB500 flatbed printer. This printer has tremendously cut the process of sign production time. Bottom line, faster turn-around time for our customers.

The capabilities are so vast with this new technology. Prints up to 1200 x 600 optimized dpi directly onto any rigid substrate, MDO, CoroPlast, DiBond, acrylic, lexan, aluminum and FoamCore up to 2 and a half inches thick! Prints white ink as well onto any color substrate. It also gives the customer the option of matte or gloss finish with full bleeds.

One project for example, was to create 85, 24×36 inch signs on 3 mil. PVC. Normally this would have taken 2-3 days to print, laminate and apply the printed media to the PVC. We knocked all these out in a day printing directly onto the substrate.

I can tell you working in the production department, the flatbed printer has changed the sign making game. We stand in awe watching the flatbed printer do it’s thing. Just as many of us did when we watched the Roland SolJet large-format printer for the first time several years ago.

Stop by Signarama in Troy, MI to check it out for yourself! Call us at 248-585-6880 for more information!

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