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Just over a year ago, we merged with the Rochester sign shop Signarama. This merger brought a lot of things to us, with one of the main being our move up to Troy. As many of you know, this move to Troy, has given us a better location, providing us with the space to fit a large flatbed printer!

Even though we merged with the Rochester Hills location, we still have people asking us if we know of a good Rochester sign shop. The answer is a resounding yes! We are the source for all of your signage. With our close location in Troy, we can handle any project you have.

We also have the ability to keep our costs reasonable because we actually will print and build all of your signs here. If you are in need of a set of channel letters for your building, we will never outsource it. We will build them right here in our Troy location, and will even give you a tour of all of our equipment if you want.

Are you interested in getting a lot of yard signs done, and you need them quick. Once again, we are your source. Our flatbed printer can run off your signs in a day. All we need is your artwork approved, and we will get them printed for you.

What about handling the permits for your signage? We can do that as well. Our team literally has combined decades of experience with anything signs. We have a great relationship with the City of Rochester Hills Building Department after all these years of proper permitting and installation of high quality signage in their community.

So, the next time you are wondering if there is a good Rochester sign shop, all you have to do is just head a little further south to Signarama Troy. We are your source for any project you have, whether great or small.

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