What Options are Available for Vehicle Magnets?

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We all know it happens. Your company has a fleet of vehicles, along with some vehicles actually owned by your employees. (We’re looking at you construction companies!) The vehicles owned by your company all have vehicle graphics applied to them, but when the vehicles you don’t own are doing business for you, you aren’t getting the exposure your brand needs. How can you get your name out there? The solution is vehicle magnets.

Vehicle magnets are a reusable way to brand your company. Whether you have a quick turnaround for employees, or need a way to advertise without permanently adhering graphics to their car, vehicle magnets are a great solution. They are durable and provide an opportunity to get your name out there, with little effort. Oh, and have you heard about our turnaround times? Within a few days of purchase, you will have your magnets on your cars and trucks, spreading the word about your company and phone number!

Options for Vehicle Magnets

At Signarama Troy, we offer two different types of vehicle magnets: one color and full color. One color magnets are pretty self-explanatory, as they are one vinyl color, applied to magnetic material. Full color magnets allow yo to have as many and whatever colors you desire. We recommend you don’t go crazy with the colors though for your customer’s sake!

Vehicle Magnetic Sizes

We offer two vehicle magnet sizes: 12×18 and 12×24. Generally speaking, the 12×18 size is commonly used for car magnets, and the 12×24 size is used for trucks and vans. While we can go larger, we cannot guarantee that the magnets will stay on your vehicle, so it’s best to stick with our recommended sizes.

If you are looking for an affordable and reusable vehicle graphic solution, stop by our Troy sign shop. We will be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your company.

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