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A few years ago, I became interested in Michigan’s fledgling film industry. Being a creative person, I saw this as a new venue to express my creativity. I took several classes on the inner workings of the motion picture business. Camera, lighting, sound, special effects, pyrotechnics and weaponry. I also realized how much work went on behind the scenes. I was fortunate enough to be in the art department and art director on our class final film project. One thing I realized is that every film project, no matter the budget, needs…SIGNS. There seems to be a sign for everything. Real places need to become fictional  or “other” places. Signarama can make this happen!

This  is where signs come in. Watch any movie and you will see signs. Business signs, road signs, vehicle graphics, posters, graffiti, flags, banners, props and products, etc. And that is just what you SEE. Numerous signs are also need behind the scenes to direct cast and crew to specific location shoots. These are usually  in “code” so you don’t get a big crowd of locals jamming up the shoot.


I have worked on  graphics for a few locally filmed movies such as the police cars in Scream 4. FYI: If you look at the police car numbers in the movie, they all are  Michigan  area codes.

I’ve designed and produced signage for The Wannabe’s, a tweener show shot in Howell, MI at the “Highland Academy” which was in reality is Renaissance  Alternative High School. Exterior shots were from a school in California. However, all the interior shots were at the Renaissance Alternative School.
For this transformation, signs made this real high school look like another. Hundreds of signs were needed for, class rooms, flyers, posters, flags, banners for their drama stage productions, food and drink containers in the cafeteria, anything that would make this high school look real.

We at Signarama welcome the film industry and also welcome you to check out or facility for any future film project (no matter your budget) you may have. We have the background, experience and understanding to help achieve your creative dreams.

We have worked with many independent films and even a few big budget films like Machine Gun Preacher and Transformers 3 right here in Detroit!

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