Looking for LEED points? Signarama is Your “Green” Destination!

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Congratulations; you have made the wise decision to “Go Green” in your Metro Detroit company! Now that you have the foot in the door of reducing your carbon footprint, where do you go from here? You can begin the journey with your company’s signage!

Simply making the switch to environmental sustainable materials for your business’s sign needs is a quick and easy way to add some “green” into your company. What is even more reassuring is that no searching for a vendor is required because your local Signarama Troy can help you in the process! We have plenty of earth-friendly options for you that will help your business build LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points, each sign at a time!

How does Signarama Metro Detroit accomplish this? We have the ability to order green paper products through eco-friendly suppliers, such as Converd. LEED verified, Converd can supply us with an amazing range of trade-marked paper products for your signage needs; from their Blox-Lite paper for banners, to GreenLight Plus for backlit posters! With materials all across the board available, there is always the option to make your sign one that will keep both you and Mother Nature smiling. Another bonus—your business will be one step closer to LEED Certification!

Achieve that “Green” reputation that you have been striving for today with some eco-friendly signage from Signarama Troy!

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