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At this point, I’m sure everyone has seen a vehicle drive by, advertising their business, or service, with either a magnet, die cut decal or a full vehicle wrap.

What about custom modifications to the average persons car, truck or van? Okay, let’s be real most of us have seen a NASCAR race or that movie with the bald headed ripped dude… Vin… anyways, those graphics are above and beyond “flash” and “pizzazz”, but for someone who wants to add a little signature flair to their own vehicle, what are the options?

I present to you 3M Scotchprint 1080 Wrap Film!

Now, don’t let the long name scare you away, this stuff is great! It comes in a few styles of Carbon Fiber print as well as an array of other finishes including Brushed Metal, Satin, Matte and Gloss.

With a bunch of colors and styles to choose from, I’m sure you can find color and finish to fit your needs.

Did I mention not only wraping the exterior but the interior of your vehicle as well?

Worn out dash? Not a problem! These 1080 Films work wonders on interior trim and molding pieces.

So for now, no matter what you drive, or how you drive it, just remember you don’t have to be fast and ferocious to wrap your everyday automobile. Just a little creative.


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