Less is more when it comes to event signage for the roadways

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IMG_5435Throwing an event and need the pubic to know what your awesome event is all about? Want to get the most exposure for your buck? Event signage on the corners of roads in front of highly populated building areas are a great way to go. Yard signs, banners and even one of the many sign twirlers can you help you get the most exposure for your event signage. Now you may want to over load your signage with the best possible information for your event, meaning you are looking to tell them everything that is going on from A to Z. This is not the best practice for roadway signage.

Typically when throwing an event as awesome as let’s say Comic-Con you want people to know everything to attract anyone that could possible want to come. Which typically means you want the most information on any type of signage you do. Giving people most information is never a bad thing until it comes to event signage on roadways. Less is more  because of the attention span you have of the drivers that will be passing by your sign. They will anywhere from 3-5 secs to read all the information you are throwing their way.  The best information is listed below:

  1. Name of the event
  2. Place of the Event
  3. Dates
  4. Times
  5. Website or phone number to get additional information

These are the top things to include in your sign for the best bang for your buck and also keeps you in your less is more category. We use most of this simple information for all our yard and banner signage that would go next to a roadway. Listing a website can direct your event followers to any other additional information they may need.

Here at Signarama we help a lot of new and old sign buyer with things like the amount of information on a roadway sign or building sign. We have the experience to help you get off your feet with your event signage and make sure that everyone can get the information they need to come.

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