How’s Your Lobby Sign?

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You walk into a doctors office and and see the sign on the wall. It looks nice: a black acrylic lobby sign with stainless steel stand-offs. It has\a conservative approach, but it’s fitting for the environment and company.

Now, picture yourself walking through an office building filled with offices of doctors and lawyers. As you walk down the hallways, looking at the different lobby entrances, you notice they all look the same. Nothing really stands out.

This brings me to my question: How does your lobby sign look? Do you have a sign that fits your office perfectly, whether conservative or extreme, or do you have bare walls? If you are part of a multi-tenant building, does your lobby stand out from the others so your company won’t be lost in the mix?

Your office lobby is a great place to really make an impression on your customers. Imagine waiting in a doctors office with bare walls compared to an office giving you a friendly feel with a beautiful wall wrap. I’m sure the latter would truly make a difference to help lighten your mood as you wait.

At Signarama Troy, we strive to help your lobby stand out from the competition, while still maintaining your brand and it’s desired environment. Our experienced sign experts understand the various options you can have for your signs, as well as how they can best apply to your situation.

Whether you are looking for a simple, conservative lobby sign, or an extravagant wall wrap for your Detroit business, we can assist. Once you’ve determined on what’s best for your lobby, come and sit down with one of our designers. We will be happy to help you come up with a great concept for your lobby that displays what your business is all about!

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