How to use Signs in your 5S Strategy

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It may have never crossed your mind that many of the automotive companies around the world use a certain kind of standards for manufacturing their parts and cars. Many of these companies make sure their employees are remained of the 5S standards everyday.

What is 5S maybe your next question? What do those 5S’s stand for?

  • Sort. Get rid of anything that is in the way of making a great product. Separate out what is needed for the operations and remove the unneeded products.
  • Set. Set in order, or organize the work area, warehouse and offices. Make it easy to find what is needed at the time of making a great product. A place for everything, and everything in its place.
  • Shine. Clean the work area and warehouse. Make it shine brighter everyday for your employees.
  • Standardize. Establish schedules and methods of performing the normal tasks for your self and the people around to operate in general.
  • Sustain. Implement programs to sustain the gains through involvement of all employees from every level.

Every warehouse takes their own little take on what 5S means to them.  Here at Signarama we apply the 5S methods to our everyday sign making and fabrication.  It means so much to us to create environment that allows these standards at our very best.  We also take great pride in helping many of the Metro Detroit Automotive Companies along with many of their out of state facilities in signage for 5S.  We help these companies with hanging plant signs, wall signs, digital displays and floor graphics that all display this 5S standards.

If your a company that is looking for higher standards in your warehouse and don’t know where to get started? Give us a call at Signarama and allow us to help you create the 5S standards in your locations. We live to giving our customers a great product and would love to help you do the same for yours.

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