How to Design a Company History Wall

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When you walk into a business and encounter a vast, empty wall, it’s an opportunity waiting to be seized. While some business owners may settle for paintings or logos, there’s a whole world of creative possibilities that can be explored with that blank canvas. One of these possibilities is the concept of history walls. In this article, we’ll delve into the power of history walls and the collaborative design process behind them.

Wall art showing the history of Signrama Troy

The Power of History Walls

Every company has a unique story to tell, one that can inspire and support various branding and marketing initiatives. Brands often use their origin story to instill company pride and connect their history to a greater purpose. The ideal canvas to share this narrative often lies within the corporate office, in the form of history walls.

A well-designed history wall can transform a corporate interior space into an immersive experience. Through creative graphics, architectural details, art installations, and other visual storytelling techniques, these walls take clients, staff, and corporate guests on a journey through the company’s evolution, from its early beginnings to its vision for the future. It’s a captivating way to communicate the brand’s consistent message.

By incorporating a custom wall display featuring the company’s history, businesses can enhance their image and forge stronger connections with clients, visitors, and employees. Signarama Troy / Metro Detroit is renowned for its creative production capabilities and attention to detail throughout the process.

The process of designing history walls at Signarama Troy / Metro Detroit is highly collaborative and involves several consultations to understand the type of graphic program the organization desires. This process includes:

  1. Location Selection: Identifying the best location for the graphics within the facility.
  2. Incorporating Brand Standards: Ensuring that the design aligns with the brand’s standards and identity.
  3. Design Concepts: Creating multiple design concepts for the organization to choose from.
  4. Feedback and Refinement: Engaging in a back-and-forth dialogue to perfect the design.
  5. Fabrication and Installation: Finally, bringing the design to life through fabrication and professional installation.

Now, let’s hear from the experts:

Marissa Ciavone, Lead Graphic Designer at Signarama Troy, explains, “Designing a history wall is a wonderful opportunity to blend artistry with storytelling. It’s about creating a visual experience that not only informs but emotionally connects with everyone who encounters it.” Marissa emphasizes the importance of understanding the customer’s preferences and the key moments they want to highlight in their company’s journey.

Renee Wenner, Project Manager of the Michigan Market for Signarama Troy, is no stranger to the world of History Walls. Throughout her career, she has artfully crafted these visual narratives, each one a unique journey through time. What makes the design of History Walls truly captivating is the array of paths available for exploration. It’s not just about the final product but also the flexibility to cater to different budgets and objectives. For instance, on one end of the spectrum, there are budget-conscious options that gracefully slide graphics onto a wall, providing a cost-effective way to showcase a couple of key images. On the other end, the possibilities become more elaborate, with multi-dimensional pieces that incorporate four different types of materials, spanning over 15 feet of wall space. The magic, however, lies in the alignment of the vision with the available budget. In the world of Company History Walls, it’s the creative synergy between affordability and artistic ambition that results in an enchanting narrative that leaves a lasting impact.


In conclusion, history walls are not just decorative elements; they are powerful tools for storytelling, brand identity, and instilling gratitude. They can transform empty spaces into immersive experiences and serve as a source of pride and unity within an organization. If you’re looking to bring your brand’s history to life, consider working with Signarama Troy / Metro Detroit, where the art of storytelling meets the art of design.

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