How Do I Build My Company’s Brand? Develop a Matching Company Atmosphere

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As we all know, having a consistent brand goes a long way when speaking to your customers. Last week, we discussed starting with a quality logo. So now that you’ve finalized your logo, it’s time to analyze your company atmosphere. Realize that this will mainly apply to brick and mortar businesses as opposed to online companies, but some points will apply to both.

What is the general feeling people get when they enter your business? Do you give off a sense of being professional? How do your employees treat your employees and each other? How do you set the example of your company brand? What do people see when they visit your business?

The Importance Of Company Attitude

When a potential customer enters your building, they will subconsciously take in the atmosphere and decide if you are right to do business with. They will take in everything the see, hear and feel and will begin to make a decision. If you have competition nearby, and the customer doesn’t get a good first impression, it will be difficult to overcome the possibility of them leaving for your competition.

Excel at Customer Service

Great customer service is a dying breed. Over time it has seemed that people are more concerned with making the quick buck than treating you like a person and giving you the service you deserve. Now, I’m not saying to over-serve, but I am telling you to exceed expectations. Giving the right service to your customers will increase their trust in you, even if your costs are slightly higher.

Impress Your Customers Visually

Take out that list of company characteristics mentioned last time and look at the outside of your building. Can people find you? Do you have a building sign? Does it match your logo (or do your channel letters fit with the logo)? We can help with that, because you really need to make sure people can find your location.

Now, walk inside your building. What do you see? Is there a lot of clutter, or does the place look clear? Do you have any reminders of where people are through interior signage such as wall graphics or lobby signs? Do they match your list of characteristics?

Our experts at Signarama can help you answer any of these questions as well as get you started on properly creating your company atmosphere. Stop in today!

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