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As a musician, I understand full well how important image is to any band on stage. Nothing is more important than making a lasting impression on an audience for live performances. Not just in musical ability, but a stage show that will keep the fans talking about your band, and hopefully buying your music and merchandise. At, Signarama, we have the experience and skill to make your stage look like a million bucks (at a fraction of the cost).

I’ve played, toured and recorded music for over 30 years and I know what makes a great stage show. One of my pet peeves is when I go to see a band, either local or national and all I get is guys standing up there in jeans and  t-shirts with nothing to keep my attention on stage. Let’s face it, we all have short attention spans. No matter how good the music, it would be nice to see some creativity outside the music while it’s being performed on stage.

My philosophy is: “No matter how good a radio sounds, it’s pretty boring to look at.” Don’t rely on “the house” to make you look good. Most smaller  venues have limited stage lighting and effects.

If you are a musician or a part of a band, here are some very important suggestions to add some “life” to your live show:

1. BANNERS – the bigger the better. Always keep your bands name visible to the audience. 85% more sales in both merchandise and music when you remind the crowd who they are watching. I suggest 2 different size banners, one for larger venues and one for smaller venues.

2. BASS DRUM HEADS – again, keep your bands name visible to the audience. Tie in the banner art with the drum head for a more professional look.

3. STICKERS – a nice give-away to remind the fans, who may have been a little tipsy from the night before, who they saw. Those stickers can show up anywhere and who knows who may see them.

4. VEHICLE GRAPHICS/WRAPS – Turn any vehicle into a rolling advertisement for your band. Again, the more people who see your bands name will potentially come to your shows and buy your stuff.

5. ILLUMINATED SIGNS – we can create a custom illuminated sign of any size for the stage and for your merchandise booth (reminder: most venues are dimly lit and if your merch booth isn’t lit, the people won’t buy what they can’t see)

These are a few of the services that Signarama can provide for your band to give it the exposure and impact it deserves. Call us at 248-585-6880.

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