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When looking for a new commercial vehicle for your company, you may want to think about the possibilities for advertising on the road. Look at all the companies you drive by every day on your way to work, they are all trying to catch your eye in hopes of drawing up new business or making sure you remember them when you need them!

You may ask yourself what is the best vehicle for your company and it’s advertising? A lot of our customers are drawn to the Ford Transits with it’s budget friendly cost and large panel sides for graphics or wraps.  Here at Signarama we consider our selves pros at wrapping or putting graphics on any type of Transit.  In fact, we like to fancy ourselves as the Ford Transit Vehicle Graphics Experts of Detroit!

There are so many options with the transit when coming to the decision of type of design you want to make your companies new vehicle pop. We have tons of ideas that haven’t been used yet and are open to any new ideas. We are willing to work with you on them along with whatever else your company wants to bring to the table. We can take any logo and allow you to see what your logo will look like on any Ford Transit white, black or red.

So stop in today and allow Signarama to talk you into some pretty sweet graphics for that new Ford Transit you are going to buy and use for some killer advertising.

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