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There are many different materials you can use on the exterior of any building. Do you not have a clue  on what to use on your building or parking area? Being a outsider to the sign world, you may ask yourself  ” What exterior sign materials can I use?”.  Let us here at Signarama help you with all your decisions on the great signage will be putting outside your building.

Exterior sign materials come in many different sizes, shapes and colors.

Below I am going to give you the ins and outs of each material which should fit your needs. These materials are among the most popular temporary and long lasting sign solutions.

Dibond – Has a glossy white finish being weatherproof & with a durable coating.  Comes in variety of colors & finishes being a very lightweight rigid substrate. Dibond is used for outdoor signs for building surfaces rough or smooth. The most popular exterior sign materials at Signarama.

Aluminum – Has a glossy white finish being weatherproof & with a durable coating.  Comes in variety of pre-painted colors. Aluminum is typically used for parking signs and small exterior signage.

Acrylic – Has a Glossy polished white finish with a high-end look and feel. It is also the material that will stay bright white the longest. Acrylic is typically known to be used for Illuminated signs, channel letters & boxes.

Coroplast –  This is a very inexpensive option. Very temporary and lightweight. Typically used for staked yard signs and a great solution for a more rigid banner like material.  This is your most popular temporary option at Signarama.

Having a little more insight to the materials of the sign world you should be able to make a better or even great decision about your next exterior signage on your building or parking lot. So call or stop in today at Signarama and allow us to help you with finding the best exterior sign materials for your next few projects.

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