Parking Signs in Detroit: What Makes them Effective?

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Why is it that everyone hates parking?

No one ever seems to enjoy it. When following the parking signs in Detroit, there always seems to be problems. Some times it’s a game where you are trying to find that open space and you are stalking others walking to their car in hopes of getting their spot! Other times it’s a race to get your meter paid before your get a ticket. And what about the parking section of the driving test back when you were first taking it!? What a nightmare!

At Signarama, we know that parking isn’t a favorite activity of customers, but we also know that by having effective parking signs in Detroit, such as by making a spot open for visitor parking, it can really help the moral of your customers. Happier customers equal better sales.

One of the keys to having an effective parking signs is big readable text with strong contrast. This is really important because people do not want to go on an Easter egg hunt to find where they can park.

It is also advisable to keep your signs on brand. At Signarama Troy we produce all of the Famous Dave’s To Go Parking Signs in Detroit and the surrounding metro area. Whether you have one location, or several locations, keeping your brand consistent is always important from when people first park and see your sign, throughout their entire visit of your location.

Various options for parking signs include using reflective substrates and vinyls to help the signs stand out at night. The most common color combinations when a person chooses that route is red/white, blue/white, and black/white.

If you are interested in having more sales due to less grumpy customers, consider installing some effective parking signs in your parking lot. We will help you throughout the entire process from the design, to the production, to digging the hole and installing the sign! Stop by today for more information.

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