Do Sign Spinners really work?

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Growing up in Northern Michigan I was never really exposed to sign spinners and their talents. When moving down to Metro Detroit to work for the BEST, and I mean the BEST sign company I noticed more and more people standing on the street waving signs.  It really got me thinking is this the new billboard? Are we really using humans for directional signage? Does this really work?

As I began my research on sign spinners I noticed that sign spinning is becoming an art form and unconventional career for most.  A lot of people take up sign spinning for the ability to be outside and enjoy the weather. Others to practice their dance moves for the weekend. Then there is the select few who live to be a sign spinner. They are proud to use a combination of acrobatics, baton-tossing and martial arts movements to attract the attention of passing motorists.

Sign spinning is an ideal way to gain much needed attention from passing motorists, since a lot of signage eventually loses its appeal over time.  A good spinner can attract a crowd or even cause an accident on the road if many of the motorist are not paying any attention.  That personal element comes back with a sign spinner, people are will to take a chance on your clearance sale or lunch specials.  When you have a sign spinner going crazy on the street corner.

There are also some alternatives to sign spinning. This would include a machine to move the sign in many directions or a sign doll. Yes a sign doll. These dolls move like their arms like a sign spinner with out the crazy flips.

So the real question is an you benefit from sign spinners? Browse the web and take a look at the companies that have great sign spinners out front, how are they doing? I have a feeling they are going to tell you sales are up! Then come to Signarama and allow us to produce your awesome sign spinning signs for a great low cost and make your sign spinner dreams come true.

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